Duct Leakage Testing

Why do I need a duct leakage test?

Ducts are the balanced air system to every room of your home. However, if not properly inspected and tested it can cause several problems.

Leaky ducts are a major problem!  Stats show that over 30% of the homes in Florida have leaks in the duct system. There are 2 main reasons you should be concerned about leaky ducts: Energy Cost and Quality of air inside your home.

Energy Cost

Leaky ducts can be a major cost! Cooling and heating the outside of your home due to air leakage from ducts, is like throwing your hard earned money out the window, LITERALLY! Just as well open all the windows and doors with your ac/heat on. Same effects.

Quality of Air

If someone in the home is already compromised with breathing issues or allergies, leaky ducts can be a major concern. A duct system is merely a circulatory system for air. When air is lost through leaks, the AC automatically draws in air into the system. Since ducts are typically in your attic, unfiltered, dusty air from your attic is now in your air circulation system. Consequently, back into your home. NO one wants that! Look around, do you have a dust problem? Could be leaky ducts.

Other issues

Not only is duct leakage costly on your wallet and your health, but also compromises your overall comfort in your home. Unbalanced air systems means unbalanced temperatures throughout your home.

NO matter the concern related to duct leakage, make it a priority to have your ducts tested as soon as possible.

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